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  • Hello Families,

    The Merrimack School District has provided a computing device for every student in the district this school year. Students in Kindergarten and First Grade have access to iPads, Students in grades 2-12 have access to Chromebooks. With having a device we know that accidents happen and want to provide an option for device insurance.

    By obtaining coverage for this year at a $10 fee, the cost of a first incidental repair will be 100% covered by the school district, a second incident/repair cost will be 50% covered by the school district. The cost for any subsequent incident(s)/repair(s) will be fully incurred by the device holder/family.

    Here is the link to register.



  • RESPONSIBLE USE AGREEMENT for School-provided Devices, Accounts, and Networks

    Merrimack School District will provide a mobile device to each student to support their learning. Device assignment and arrangements will vary by school however the expectations for use, care, and support for these devices are consistent across the district. This agreement should be reviewed by a parent/guardian WITH their student and signed by both. Each student must have their own completed agreement.

    There will be an annual $10 technology fee to offset the cost of the 1:1 device program. This fee also helps to ensure students recognize this is not a “free” device and will require responsibility on their part. The district will provide orientation and ongoing communication to help ensure all students are equipped with the knowledge needed to be responsible users of district-provided technology in all its formats.

    Willful disregard of this agreement, misuse or mistreatment of district technology, or repeated damages requiring repair or replacement of devices will be addressed according to school discipline codes.

    As a student in the [SCHOOL], I understand that I am responsible for the following:

    • Understanding that my school-provided device, email, and accounts are not private, are to be used for school only, and can be viewed by authorized district staff at any time
    • Having my device with me in school, charged and ready to use
    • Keeping track of and handling my device with care
    • Securing and not sharing my password
    • Not attempting to access others’ accounts or unauthorized systems
    • Not attempting to bypass content filtering or trying to use proxies to access prohibited online material
    • Using my school district email only for school-related purposes and NOT for signing up for social media, gaming or other personal-use accounts
    • Regularly checking Canvas and my district email for communication from teachers and to keep current regarding academics and school announcements
    • Communicating respectfully (as though you are face to face) and respecting others’ privacy
    • Respecting and abiding by copyright and fair use (do not plagiarize, do cite sources)
    • Not engaging in online bullying
    • Complying with the MSD Student Use of Technology Policy
    • Reporting problems with my device or accounts right away to a teacher or support@sau26.org
    • Notifying an adult immediately if I encounter material or online behavior that violates this responsible use agreement

    Use button to Register, Sign agreement and process payment for technology online


a button that reads 'Register Now' with a 'Powered by FamilyID' stamp on the bottom of it