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     Contained within this site, you will find a wide variety of exciting woodworking resources. A few of my favorite books specifically in the areas of lathe turning, furniture making, design, and finishing are contained within the Book List. There are recommendations to obtain materials and supplies, inspirational links to dynamic artisans, photos, and examples of fantastic students' projects from all current woodworking classes. New inspiring content will be added as we continue to learn together, through the Merrimack High School's Technology Education "Wood World" Website.


     Below is an intercurriculum project between the Merrimack High School Woodshop and Videography class. This is one of many videos that has been produced by our Videography classes and broadcast on Merrimacks local TV channels 21 and 22. It is an excellent example of when learned skills from our students are bridged to a meaningful endeavor within the community.



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    "There is no replacing good work"


    "Grow beyond their teacher as well as with their teacher"

    - David Ellsworth


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