Teacher Performance & Evaluation Committee

  • Charge

    To identify a contemporary process and tool for teacher evaluation that is consistent with state accountability goals and best research practices


    The committee consists of fourteen (14) members
    representing parents (P), teachers (T), school board (SB),
    MTA and administration (A). They are:


    Laurie Allen (T)
    Kevin Bobbitt (P)
    Michael Cirelli (MTA)
    Barbara Defrancisco (T)
    John Fabrizio (A)
    Ken Johnson (A)
    Marsha McGill (A)
    Mark Mclaughlin (A)
    Davis Powell (SB)
    Patrick Scott (T)
    Patricia Swonger (P)
    Jennifer Thornton (P)
    Suzanne Wheeler (T)
    Debbie Woelflein (A)