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Voting Information

The Moderator has announced that School (and Town) elections and ballot voting on warrant articles will be held on June 23rd at the 3 regular polling locations

Covid-19 social distancing (i.e. waiting in lines and reduced number of voters inside the poll), wearing masks and using sanitizer will be required by ALL who choose to vote at the polls. 

However, all voters are eligible, by virtue of Covid-19, to vote by absentee ballot rather than appear in person at their polling location.  Election officials are encouraging voters to do just that and in fact, the Town Clerk will be mailing an absentee ballot request to all voters on the checklist.  Voters may also use the official absentee request form here: or they may write their own request indicating their name and their mailing address. 

All absentee ballot requests should be sent to the Town Clerk by US. mail, fax (423-8539), email (townclerk@merrimacknh.govor put in the drop box at Town Hall.  Voters will be sent both the town and the school ballots.

All absentee ballots have to be MAILED back to the town clerk.  They can’t be faxed, emailed or put them in the town hall drop box.  If town hall re-opens before the election, absentee ballots can be returned in-person by the voter or by an immediate family member until 5 PM on election day.   

Residents who are not currently registered voters can request a voter registration packet be mailed to them, whether or not they are requesting an absentee ballot.  To do so, contact the Town Clerk’s office at (603) 424-3651 or  In addition, same day voter registration will be available at the polls on the date of the election. 

NOTE:  The Moderator has set up a Merrimack Elections Facebook page (Town of Merrimack Elections) as the official place for voters to ask questions and get information.