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  • Monstricola Message

    Dear Families:

    Here is the message for the week: A reminder there will not be a message next week due to the short week. We will be closed from November 22nd to November 24th for Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving! 

    Take Care,

    Kathleen Ortega and Michelle Romein


    Dear Families of James Mastricola Elementary School,

    Welcome to School Dismissal Manager (SDM), an organized and more efficient tracking system for afternoon dismissals! Using your desktop or smartphone browser, quickly and easily update your child's dismissal instructions when they need to be changed, making it no longer necessary to call or send notes and emails to the school for dismissal changes.

    Please check your email over the next few days for an email from School Dismissal Manager. It may be sent to your junk box. If you have not received the email by Wednesday, August 30th, please email

    The easy-to-use interface will allow you to make changes in advance or for the current day by creating "exceptions". You can report absences, early dismissals, and schedule recurring dismissal instructions for after-school activities. When creating an exception for the current day, note that the cut-off time on regular days is 1:45 pm and on early release days is 11:15 am. After the cut-off time you will need to call the school office to make any necessary changes for the current day.   

    James Mastricola Elementary School will begin using SDM to report daily dismissal changes on August 31st 2023.

    Here are a few Fast Facts that you will need to know for getting started:

    • The app is compatible with Android and Apple devices and native apps can be found in the respective app stores or via our website. IMPORTANT:  Returning parents need to ensure their app has the latest UPDATED version before the first day of school.  If your phone is set to update automatically no action is required but those that don’t will need to update manually.
      • Android - Search in the Play Store for School Dismissal Manager and Install -OR- open a Chrome browser window, go to, and login. Then click the three stacked dots at the top right corner, scroll down and click on the Add to Home Screen, and follow the onscreen instructions to install the app.
      • iPhone - Search in the App Store for School Dismissal Manager and Install -OR- open a Safari browser, go to, and login. Then click on the box with the arrow pointing up, scroll down, and click Add to Home Screen. Type in (or click on if auto-filled) SDM and then tap Add to install the app.
    • First Login - Check your child's default dismissal (how your child goes home most days) and make sure it is set correctly. If changes are needed, select the green Set/View Default button above the calendar or in using the SDM app, select the Default Dismissal from the menu at the top left, to set the correct dismissal. Setting a weekday default will override the main default on a specific day of the week. Always set the main default first, then set the weekday defaults only as necessary.
    • Reporting Your Child will be Absent: We will be utilizing SDM's Absent option for parents to report their child absent. Select the day on the calendar that your child will be absent, then select Add Exception, and choose Absent from the dropdown options, filling out the necessary information. Note: SDM does not determine if absences are excused or unexcused. This is done by the office in accordance with The Student Handbook.
    • Reporting Your Child will Leave Early: We will be utilizing SDM’s Leaving Early option so that parents can let the school know when their child is being picked up early.  Select the day on the calendar that your child will be picked-up early, then select Add Exception, and choose Leaving Early.  You will immediately be asked if your child is coming back to school.  Select Yes or No and then fill out the remaining information.  Depending on whether you answered yes or no, SDM will create the appropriate dismissal exception or notification to the office once you click Submit.  Note: You must still come into the office to sign your child out and adhere to any rules or guidelines specified in our school’s policies. Please note: Early dismissals are done in the front office.
    • Reporting a Late Arrival: We will be utilizing SDM’s Late Arrival feature so that parents can let the school know when their child will be arriving late to school.  Select the day on the calendar that your child will be arriving late, then select Add Late Arrival, fill out the reason, and click Submit Note: SDM does not determine if students are tardy and you must still come into the office to sign your child in and adhere to any rules or guidelines specified in our school’s policies. Students are considered tardy after 8:35 am.
    • The Parent Dashboard always displays the current and following week.  Days where there is no school or there is an early dismissal will be clearly marked.  To opt in for text messages, click Preferences in the top menu to add your mobile number.
    • Recurring Dismissal Exceptions:  If your child has a temporary, recurring dismissal exception click the Recurring Dismissal Instructions located at the top of the screen and fill out the details as required.  DO NOT use the Recurring Dismissal feature to put in your child's ''default'' dismissal.  Note: The difference between a Recurring Dismissal Exception and a Weekday Default Dismissal is that recurring has a start and end date because it is a temporary dismissal, a Weekday Default Dismissals occur regularly on a specific day of the week for the entire school year.
    • Email Notifications:  When receiving email notifications regarding dismissal changes or cancellations made, know that hitting Reply or Reply All on those emails does not reply to the school or person making the change.  If you need to respond to a notification (i.e., to inform the school it is incorrect, provide additional details, etc.), click Help in your top menu and fill out the details to email the office.
    • FAQs:  As you begin to use School Dismissal Manager, if you have questions, check the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) link found in the Parent login area at the top of the SDM homepage or click on Help in your top menu.  Here, you will find answers to the most commonly asked questions.  If your question remains unanswered after checking here, please contact the school office and we will be happy to assist you further.

    Thank you for using this tool to help us keep the dismissal process safe and orderly for all our students. Please contact our office at 603-424-6218 or email if you have any questions or concerns.


    Michelle Romein and Kathleen Ortega

    Principal and Assistant Principal

Check out the 23-24 Supply Letters below:

  • Kindergarten List

Introducing Our New Assistant Principal!

  • Dear Families, 

    I hope this letter finds you well. I am writing to share some exciting news regarding a beloved member of our Mastricola Elementary School community. It is with great pleasure that I announce the appointment of Mrs. Kathleen Ortega as the new Assistant Principal of our school. Mrs. Ortega’s official nomination will take place at the School Board meeting on July 10th.Many of you may already know Mrs. Ortega, as she has been an integral part of our school family since 2008. Over the years, Mrs. Ortega has made a remarkable impact on the lives of our students and has consistently demonstrated her dedication to their academic and personal growth. 

    Mrs. Ortega's journey at Mastricola Elementary School began as a third and fourth-grade educator, where she consistently showed her passion for teaching and commitment to fostering a positive learning environment. Prior to her taking on this role, Mrs. Ortega was a title one tutor here at MES. 

    During her time here, Mrs. Ortega has taken on several leadership roles, showcasing her ability to go above and beyond for our students and staff. She served as the facilitator for the grade level's Professional Learning Team, working collaboratively with her colleagues to enhance instructional practices and promote continuous improvement. Additionally, she has been an outstanding member of our Multi-Tiered System of Supports Team, playing a crucial role in ensuring that all students receive the support they need to succeed. 

    Mrs. Ortega's commitment to collaboration and professional development is evident in the numerous opportunities she has organized for our educators. These collaborative initiatives have been designed to empower our teachers and enhance their effectiveness in the classroom, ultimately benefiting the learning experiences of our students. 

    In addition to her professional contributions, Mrs. Ortega has also been an active participant in fostering a vibrant school community. She is an active participant in the third grade's Fired Up Friday Dance Parties, which brought joy and excitement to our students, creating lasting memories for everyone involved! She can also be found at many after school activities supporting both her students and MES. 

    With Mrs. Ortega assuming the role of Assistant Principal, we are confident that her knowledge, experience, and passion for education will be invaluable assets to our school leadership team. Her commitment to fostering a nurturing and inclusive environment for all students aligns perfectly with our school's values and mission. 

    We are thrilled to have Mrs. Ortega take on this new position, and we know that she will continue to make a positive impact on the lives of our students and staff members. Please join me in congratulating Mrs. Ortega on her appointment and welcoming her to her new role as Assistant Principal of Mastricola Elementary School. 

    Thank you for your continued support in making Mastricola Elementary School a place where every child can thrive. 

    Take Care, 

    Michelle Romein 


Mission Statement

  • At James Mastricola Elementary School our mission is to ensure an active and engaging environment of responsible learners through a Response to Intervention (RtI) model so that all students attain high levels of achievement.

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