• Central Office Contacts:

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Name Position Phone Email
Dr. Mark McLaughlin Superintendent 603-424-6200 mark.mclaughlin@sau26.org
John Fabrizio Assistant Supt. for Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment 603-424-6200 john.fabrizio@sau26.org
Matt Shevenell Assistant Superintendent for Business 603-424-6200 matt.shevenell@sau26.org
Melissa Gagne Human Resources Manager 603-424-6200 melissa.gagne@sau26.org
Luda Balanovich Systems Manager 603-424-6200 luda.balanovich@sau26.org
Lynea Forand Administrative Assistant 603-424-6200 lynea.forand@sau26.org
Sandra Swanson Administrative Assistant 603-424-6200 sandra.swanson@sau26.org
Paula Williams Human Resources Coordinator 603-424-6200 paula.williams@sau26.org
Pearl Brattan Accounts Payable 603-424-6200 pearl.brattan@sau26.org
Susan Luhrs Title I 603-424-6200 susan.luhrs@sau26.org
Sarah Ruffell Payroll 603-424-6200 Sarah.Ruffell@sau26.org
Erin Tyrrell Human Resources Assistant 603-424-6200 erin.tyrrell@sau26.org
Ashley Ghostlaw Finance and Budgeting Associate 603-424-6200 Ashley.Ghostlaw@sau26.org


    Office Hours: 8:00AM-4:30PM