Student Information Update

  • (Returning Student Registration)

    Parents of existing (currently enrolled) students must update their children's registration forms every year.

    To do this, visit and log into the PowerSchool Parent Portal with your username and password.*

    From the PowerSchool Parent Portal: 

    1. Select the appropriate student registration icon from the menu on the left side. The icon will be at the bottom of the list and will be labeled with the current school year as in this example:

    Registration icon
    2. Follow the onscreen instructions to update the information on the student registration forms.

    3. If you have more than one student enrolled in the Merrimack School District, you must repeat these steps for each student. Student names will appear in tabs at the top of the screen.


    *Contact the administrative assistant in your child’s school if you need help logging into the PowerSchool Parent Portal or if you need to create a PowerSchool account and do not have an Access ID and password.


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