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  • Survey on Transition to School for Students with Educational Disabilities 2021-2022

    As we move into November, we wanted to examine the transition for your child with an educational disability as he/she/they entered school this past September. Our students transitioned from one grade to another in the same school, while others transitioned between schools in our district. The purpose of this survey is to use your feedback to inform and improve transition moving forward. We are looking for information related to your experiences with special education services, related services, general education, collaboration between sending and receiving educators and service providers, and systems.

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  • Merrimack School District Special Education Procedures Plan

    This Special Education Procedures Plan describes the Merrimack School District’s (referred to as District or LEA – Local Education Agency) procedures regarding the provision of a Free and Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) to all children with disabilities. The LEA will annually review this special education procedural plan so that the procedures reflect current federal and state regulations.

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