• PreK Registration FAQ’s


    How do I determine my student’s home school?

    You can determine the homeschool your child would register at under the  transportation link on the District website. 

    How old does my child need to be to attend MEEP?

    Children must turn 3 before September 30 of that school year to attend the three-year-old program. Children must be 4 before September 30 of that school year to attend the four-year-old program.

    What is considered proof of residency?

    You must provide two documents as proof of residency: 
    First proof of residency
    If you own your home: mortgage statement or tax bill
    If you lease: copy of lease agreement with date range
    If you live with someone else: a residency affidavit completed by the homeowner
    Second proof of residency: a utility bill, car registration, or home insurance.


    How do I register an international student?

    For international students you can use their passport if you do not have a birth certificate or it’s not translated.

    My child has not had a recent physical.

    Please bring in the most recent physical. Once the new appointment occurs please provide a copy of that physical to the school.

    What if I would like to request a specific school or teacher?

    Our goal is to have every student at their home school.  If you have a special circumstance, please contact, Michelle Martineau, and she will review that on an individualized basis.

    What does an integrated classroom mean?

    Preschool classrooms include students who have Individual Education plans (IEP’s) and students who do not. This provides opportunity for students to plan, learn and grow together.

    Does my child have to be toilet trained?

    Students do not need to be toilet trained. Parents should supply materials needed for the child to get through the day. I.E Diapers, wipe, back up pullup/underwear.

    Why is the option for 4-year old classroom only in afternoon?

    We try to plan around recommended schedules for these age groups. Most 3-year-olds still require naps which is why we determine the consistent schedule or 3-year-olds in the morning and 4-year-olds in the afternoon.

    How is the payment scheduled set up?

    Once you have been informed your child is enrolled in the MEEP program you will receive a Tuition Agreement form. The payments are broken down into installments. You may also pay the full amount upfront if you prefer.

    If I enroll my child and make a payment in April, but decide to go elsewhere do I get reimbursed?

     If you decide to unenroll your child in the MEEP program you are reimbursed the payment from Aprilt. You must contact the Superintendents of schools to request reimbursement.

    Does the MEEP program offer tuition assistance and/or free & reduced lunch options?


      When a family is experiencing financial hardship, they will be given the MSD Free and Reduced Price School Meals Family Application to complete. Below are the parameters to follow in determining reduced tuition. 

    1. If the total household gross income falls below the guidelines, tuition will be reduced by 50%.
    2. If any member in the household receives SNAP or TANF Assistance, they will provide the name and case number for the person who receives benefits. Tuition for MEEP will be waived.