• PowerSchool

    PowerSchool allows parents to become more involved in their children’s education. With PowerSchool, parents may accomplish the following online:

    • Access up-to-date student performance data
    • Communicate with teachers
    • Track assignments and attendance
    • Receive automated progress reports via email daily, weekly, or monthly

    Students may also log into PowerSchool to view their grades, assignments, and attendance data. Automated progress reports are not available through student accounts. Please read the Frequently Asked Questions below before using the PowerSchool system.

    PowerSchool Parent/Student Access 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is PowerSchool?

    PowerSchool is the Merrimack School District's student information system. The district uses PowerSchool for scheduling, taking attendance, storing grades, and more. PowerSchool provides:

    • parents and students with access to grades, assignments, and attendance records
    • access to more accurate information for administrators and teachers to use in making decisions
    • an electronic gradebook for teachers

    How do I access PowerSchool?

    You may access PowerSchool from any computer with an Internet connection by launching your web browser and going to the following address:


    You may also visit the Merrimack School District web site at www.sau26.org and click on the "PowerSchool" link.

    How do I obtain a username and password?

    Students will receive PowerSchool accounts at school.

    For security reasons, parents must request PowerSchool accounts in person. Be prepared to show some form of valid photo I.D. such as a driver's license.

    Merrimack High School Parents: There will be opportunities to register for a PowerSchool account when student I.D. photos are taken in August, during Ninth Grade Parents night, during Back-to-School night, and during Parent/Teacher Conferences. At other times, parents should stop by the Merrimack High School Main Office to request an account. No accounts will be created through correspondence over the phone or through email.

    Middle School, Upper Elementary and Elementary School Parents: There will be opportunities to register for a PowerSchool account during the day or in the evening at special times during the year to be announced. At other times, parents should stop by the main office to request an account. No accounts will be created through correspondence over the phone or through email.

    How do I use PowerSchool?

    Once you've logged into the system, you will be able to choose from various options from the menu on the left of the screen. The menu options available depend on your child's grade level. Grades and assignments are currently available for grades 5-12 only.  The Email Notification option allows for automatic emailing of current grades and attendance to an email address or addresses that you specify (not available with student accounts).  Under Account Preferences, you may change your name, email address, username, or password.  If you have more than one student enrolled in the Merrimack School District, you may switch from one student to the other by clicking on the appropriate student name at the top left of the screen.

Introduction to Your PowerSchool Parent Portal Account

PowerSchool Attendance Codes, Spring 2021

  • What may I reasonably expect from the PowerSchool system as a parent?

    Some schools use the PowerSchool Daily Bulletin as a means of communicating important information to parents. You may log in to your PowerSchool account to view the Daily Bulletin or use the Email Notification option to have these bulletins emailed to you on a regular basis.

    Because all high school teachers take attendance in each class using the PowerSchool system, parents of high school students should be able to monitor their children's attendance in any class on a daily basis. Parents of middle, upper elementary, and elementary school students will only see attendance for the day, not for individual classes. Please keep in mind that attendance data typically is not complete until the end of the school day. Checking attendance for the previous day may be more accurate than checking for the current day.

    For students in grades 5-12, you should be able to view your child's assignments and grades as soon as the teacher enters the data into his or her electronic gradebook. Although teachers will attempt to record grades in a timely manner, the time needed to accomplish this task will vary from teacher to teacher. Please keep in mind that teachers have various methods of grading, and the number of assignments given will vary based on the course content and individual teaching style. For example, a math teacher might assign regular homework assignments and give a test or quiz once a week. An art teacher might base the final grade on several large projects and give little written homework. As a result, there may be a large amount of data available in PowerSchool for one of your child's classes but not for another. All teachers are required to distribute their course syllabus/grading method either electronically or on paper. Please consider this information carefully when viewing your child's grades in PowerSchool.

    Use PowerSchool to monitor your child's progress. Look for any unusual changes in grades or attendance, but realize that the final grade for a course is based on a number of factors, often including class participation, extra credit, dropping lowest grade, etc. Your child's grade may appear unusually high or low at the beginning of the year when there have been few assignments. Your child's grade may appear lower during the quarter, but the final grade may actually be higher once all factors have been included. The opposite may also be true.The information made available to you through PowerSchool should not be considered a substitute for a dialog with your child's teacher.

    Teacher email addresses are posted in PowerSchool and also in the District Website Staff Directory. You may communicate with the teacher through email or by phone. If you choose to use email, realize that due to the nature of the job, most teachers have little time to respond to email during the school day. Do not expect an immediate response to email messages. However, if you do not receive a response from the teacher within a day or two, please contact the school. Any correspondence with the teacher through email is considered public record. Teachers may only share strictly factual information through email. For more detailed information, you should schedule a conference with your child's teacher.



    This system is provided as a convenience. Grades and other information provided by this system are not official records and may or may not be accurate. Neither this institution nor Pearson School Systems accepts any responsibility for information provided by this system and/or for any damages resulting from information provided by this system. For official grades and student records, contact the school.