• Good afternoon Merrimack Community,

    Yesterday, I, along with Assistant Superintendent, Kim Yarlott welcomed our entire staff to the 2021-2022 school year. Our respective  presentations to the staff were positive, upbeat, and reflective of the supportive culture in our school system. After our brief presentations, we launched into a full day of professional development for our staff. All staff members participated in a very engaging presentation by nationally known and highly respected psychologist Dr. Robert Brooks. Dr. Brooks’ presentation was “Nurturing Motivation, Learning and Resilience in the School Setting”. Our staff had many comments and questions and appreciated Dr. Brooks’ enthusiastic responses. In the early afternoon, all staff watched the National Geographic acclaimed video, “Celebrating What’s Right with the World”. The message from this wonderful video that applies to education is that we look for the possibilities in every child and ourselves and that instead of following the adage that “seeing is believing”, we take the approach that” in order to see it, we need to believe it”! It’s important that we believe in every child, and nurture their unique possibilities!!

    Later in the afternoon the staff had an engaging presentation from well-known psychologist, Allison Roy who spoke with everyone on Self-Care-A Strength-Based Approach. This presentation provided valuable information to help staff understand some of the impacts of anxiety and stress that both students and colleagues experience.

    Today, (9/3/2021), our entire staff had the opportunity to participate in a number of professional development sessions involving 15 different topics. I want to thank Assistant Superintendent , Kim Yarlott and her staff for developing a high quality professional development program that was of significant benefit to the staff.

    In my first several weeks of employment in Merrimack, I have quickly learned that there is much to be proud of in our school district. An outstanding staff combined with a rigorous, relevant curriculum mean wonderful developmental opportunities, and possibilities for our students. I know that you have provided excellent support to our school district for many years and we will always endeavor to make you proud of the Merrimack School District! Labor Day Weekend is upon us and I wish you and your family a very enjoyable weekend. I look forward to seeing everyone next week for a new and exciting school year!

    Best regards,

    Bill Olsen