• Merrimack School Libraries are an integral part of the District's instructional program. At the District level, librarians work with each curriculum committee to develop curricular and instructional designs that coordinate the needs of students with the goals of that particular subject area. At the building level, librarians work with faculty to design lessons that teach information skills at a time and in a manner appropriate to the specific curricular needs of particular students. With this active participation and involvement in the instructional planning process, the school library becomes an extension of the classroom; an essential support center for teachers; and a comfortable place where students and faculty can experience and share the joy of reading, the exhilaration of discovery and the satisfaction of learning.

    The critical resource in this process is the library staff who provide both students and faculty with unrestricted access to the District Library Program's entire collection of print and non-print materials. They strive to promote a desire for lifelong learning by challenging all students and inspiring every student to reach his/her potential.

    Each of the Merrimack School District schools has its own library staffed with one or more librarians and assistants. While each library operates independently, they are tied together closely because they all share resources. The Office of the Director of Library Services provides budgeting, purchasing, cataloging and distribution services to each library. In addition, the librarians meet regularly to share information and coordinate instruction.