• Jason Pelletier, Director of Technology and Learning Systems: 424-6203
    Allison Huckins, Digital Literacy Coordinator: 424-6204 ext. 255
    Administrative Assistants: Naomi Gath, Debbie Lai


    Reeds Ferry Elementary School Library: 424-6215
    Librarian: Lori Puzzo
    Assistant: Inga Gregory

    Thorntons Ferry Elementary School Library: 889-1577
    Librarian: Sarah Croteau
    Assistant: Kathryn Nadeau

    Mastricola Elementary School Library: 424-6218
    Librarian: Elizabeth Compton
    Assistant: Nicole Williams

    Mastricola Upper Elementary School Library: 424-6221
    Librarian: Cecilia Lasyone
    Assistant: Kimberly Gontarz

    Merrimack Middle School Library: 424-6289
    Librarian: Laura Denehy
    Assistant: Linda Phelps

    Merrimack High School Library: 424-6204
    Librarian: Jessica Gott
    Assistants: Amy Tupper, Mary Amato, Emily Brosnahan