• Web-based learning tools that use student accounts

    NOTICE TO PARENTS/GUARDIANS REGARDING USE OF ONLINE ACCOUNTS AND MEDIA: The Merrimack School District seeks to maximize the use of digital tools in support of teaching and learning while recognizing the importance of maintaining student privacy. This is especially true with the challenges presented by remote and hybrid learning as well as a district-wide shift to a common Learning Management System, Canvas.

    The District has employed procedures to ensure software selection and use is compliant with NH RSA 189:66 as well as internal vetting processes to ensure programs used are aligned to learning goals. District Employees and Students are expected to abide by the District’s Student Use of Information Technology policy with respect to all use of District provided technology. Click here to access a link to web-based software. "Yes" in the SDPC column indicates this company has signed a Data Privacy Agreement in the State of New Hampshire, "IP" indicates the agreement is in progress, a blank cell indicates student data is not uploaded. 

  • FAQ

    What if I want to opt-out of allowing my child to use online accounts? 

    It might be helpful to learn more about the benefits that come with using technology in the classroom. In addition to being highly engaging, use of technology sharpens students' skills and helps prepare them for their next steps in education and life. 

    If you determine you do not want your child to have access, his/her teacher(s) will provide alternative means of accessing and submitting schoolwork. 

     Why is technology use important in my child's education? 

    Technology is an integral component of all aspects of society today. Teaching about technology, technology skills, responsible use, and good digital citizenship, prepares students as they move through their education and into the workforce.  

    The International Society for Technology in Education provides excellent information explaining why and how technology is best used in schools and what tech-literate students are able to do. ISTE Standards for Students

     Who do I talk to about my child's technology use? 

    Start with the classroom teacher. They can let you know what they use in their instruction but also what other initiatives students are involved in. At the upper levels this might vary classroom to classroom.

     How much information is used to create accounts? 

    In most cases information is limited to first name, last name, school and grade level. Education software vendors are increasingly under pressure to protect student privacy. The district strives to use online providers that recognize the importance of protecting student privacy. 

    In many cases, software providers will use district-created credentials that limit the amount of information shared with the site to a username and password. 

     Can my child access online services from home?

    Yes. Some students enjoy the learning tools they use in school and will practice on their own time. This can be a helpful way to build skills, to help struggling learners, and to help eager students keep challenging themselves.