Name Position Email
Jason Pelletier Director of Technology and Learning Systems
Brenden Collins District Network Administrator
Luda Balanovich District Systems Manager (PowerSchool)
Allison Huckins Technology Coordinator 9-12, District Webmaster
Adam Goodman Technology Coordinator, 5-8
Chris Laurencio District Computer Technician
Chris Paras District Computer Technician
Ryan Murray District Computer Technician
Alex Holmes District Computer Technician
James Costa Digital Learning Specialist,Merrimack Middle School
Bethany Taylor Digital Learning Specialist,Mastricola Upper Elementary School
Erica McLaughlin Pereira Digital Learning Specialist,Mastricola Elementary School
Carole Lewis Digital Learning Specialist,Reeds Ferry Elementary School
Denise McLaughlin Digital Learning Specialist,Thorntons Ferry Elementary School
Garrett Lussier District Computer Technician
Megan Pelletier Digital Learning Specialist, Thorntons Ferry School
Cheryl Craig Digital Learning Specialist, Mastricola Elementary, Reeds Ferry Elementary