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  • Student Device Agreement and Fee Process

    The District has setup the Responsible Use Agreement and fee payment process in FamilyID. Many families have FamilyID accounts for Merrimack High and Middle Athletics or AdultEd, you can use the same account. FamilyID connects with MySchoolBucks, which is used for the Merrimack Lunch Program. 

    • Access or Register for a FamilyID account using the button to the right and select or input your student(s)
    • Select your option regarding device and fee (see below)
    • READ and REVIEW the Responsible Use Agreement with your child and e-sign. (Students will be held accountable to the Responsible Use Agreement and the Student Use of Information Technology District Policy regardless of signing.)
    • Select payment
      • MySchoolBucks will connect you to MySchoolBucks to login or create an account
      • Tech Fee Checks can be sent to address in the form or c/o Merrimack School District Technology and Library Dept 38 McElwain St Merrimack NH 03054

    Registration and payment should be completed by September 30, 2021. The district will reconcile Responsible Use Agreement sign-offs, fee selection / payment with device distribution records and will contact families as needed to resolve discrepancies. If a family accepts a device but does not pay the fee, repair costs will be charged. Please contact the school in cases of hardship. 

    *Please note, for the K-4 schools where devices are less likely to travel between home and school, students will still be expected to handle their devices with care. Devices may be sent home when school closings are anticipated. 

    If you prefer to print and submit payment directly to the school, please use the printable form to the right.

    Families that need help with internet connectivity can email support@sau26.org to inquire about mobile hotspots (please note: hotspots are not a replacement for home internet as they are slow with limited bandwidth). Families looking for home internet and additional resources are encourage to explore the following resources: 

    Student Device Options

    The Merrimack School District will be able to provide a computing device for every student in the district during the 2021-2022 school year. Students in Kindergarten and First Grade will have access to iPads, Students in grades 2-12 will have access to Chromebooks. Students who still have a device out from last year need to return it before receiving a new one.

    All students using technology in the school district must adhere to the Responsible Use Agreement regarding accounts and network use, digital citizenship, and having their device available and ready for use. 


    $10 - Technology Fee to offset cost of repairs: By choosing this option, incidental repairs of student-assigned devices will be covered by the school district. Repeated or intentional damage will be addressed on a case by case basis.

    $0 - Opt Out of Technology Fee: By choosing this option, incidental repairs will be charged to the student's school account at cost. 

    $0 - Student will bring their own device (BYOD): Students may bring their own device rather than accepting a school device with the following AGREEMENTS:

    • Merrimack School District will not perform service, repair, or software updates on student-owned devices
    • The district is not responsible for lost, stolen, damaged devices or problems of connectivity
    • Student must know how to operate their device independently (Teachers will prepare notes and instructions for school-provided devices)
    • District content filtering will only work within school district buildings (GoGuardian content filtering works on school devices or when students sign into a Chrome browser with school account)


    For more information about devices and arrangements, please see the previous message to families.



a button that reads 'Register Now' with a 'Powered by FamilyID' stamp on the bottom of it