The MHS Scholarship Program will be made available to our seniors around mid February. 




    If you want to offer a new scholarship this year through our Scholarship Program, please fill out the SCHOLARSHIP DONOR'S FORM.

    For questions or information regarding our program offering Scholarship opportunities to our seniors, please call the Merrimack High School Guidance office. 


    2019 GRADUATES:

    If you have been awarded a scholarship through the 2019 MHS Scholarship Program:

    Unless instructed otherwise, when you begin classes in the fall, bring a copy of your AWARD LETTER directly to the financial aid office where you pay your college tuition bills (retain the original for your records).


    Once you receive your second* semester tuition bill, mail the following information to the address on your AWARD LETTER to request the funds:

    1. The SCHOLARSHIP REQUEST FORM (pdf)  filled out with the proper information.
    2. A copy of the tuition bill.


    It is your responsibility to follow up with the sponsor for the payment of the scholarship to your college financial aid office.


    * refer to your Award Letter, some scholarships will request your first semester bill or have different instructions.