SEPARATE APPLICATIONS with different deadlines still available for submission via email

    Alisha's Love Child Foundation
    Number of Scholarships: Four (between 5 schools)/$1,000.00

    Description: This award is given to a graduating senior who will be furthering their education with a degree or certificate program in the arts.  It is given in the memory of Alisha Zibolis from Alisha's Love Child Foundation, which not only awards our talented, creative youth but provides emergency financial assistance and volunteering opportunities within our communities. 

    Requirements: To a Merrimack High School graduating senior going onto college with a minor or major in an art or photography program.  (The scholarships are divided between 5 local high schools/based on talent)          SEPARATE APPLICATION:
    Application to be completed by student and submitted for our board consideration.  Please choose and submit ONE piece of your artwork that best represents YOU and your passion. 
    Submissions via email may be in the form of a jpeg or scanned to the email address below
    For submission and/or questions please email:  info@lovechildfoundation.org by May 15th, 2020.

    Follow the link to the application for the Alisha's Love Child Foundation: Application (PDF)

    Franklin Savings Bank Scholarship
    Number of Scholarships: One or more/$1,750.00 total 

    DescriptionThe Franklin Savings Bank Scholarship Fund was established in 1994 to benefit area students who are pursuing higher education. We are pleased to have awarded 630 scholarships totaling $332,529 to local graduates since the fund’s inception. This scholarship fund represents the Bank’s commitment to helping families afford advanced educational opportunities for their children who are enrolled in college full-time. This is one way in which Franklin Savings Bank gives back to the communities we have served since 1869.

    The purpose of the Franklin Savings Bank Scholarship Fund is to provide scholarship assistance to selected high school graduating seniors who reside in communities located with the Bank’s primary market area – which currently includes the following schools: Franklin High School, Gilford High School, Merrimack High School, Merrimack Valley High School, Newfound Regional, Goffstown High School and Winnisquam Regional.

    The 2020 FSB Scholarship application deadline is Friday, April 10, 2020. 

    The FSB Scholarship application deadline is April 10th, 2020. Please submit the application to GUIDANCE on or before this date by emailing scholarship@sau26.org subject=FSB2020 .

    - Completed application form
    - Most recent high school transcript (provided by Guidance)
    - Application appraisal
    - Family financial data

    Follow the link to apply to Franklin Savings Bank Scholarship: FBS application

    New Hampshire Rehabilitation Association
    Number of Scholarships: 2 or 3/$500.00

    Description: The New Hampshire Rehabilitation Association (NHRA) Scholarship Fund is designed to assist members of NHRA, working professionals and/or students pursuing an education in rehabilitation and human service work as it relates to the mission of NHRA. The mission of NHRA is to advance the rehabilitation of persons with physical or mental disabilities by eliminating barriers to employment and productivity through ethical and excellent professional practice. This scholarship is meant for students pursuing a career in a related helping profession.

    Requirements: SEPARATE APPLICATION – link to PDF or to be picked up in GUIDANCE
    Along with an essay please submit 1-2 letters of recommendation. 

    Please submit this information to the New Hampshire Rehabilitation Scholarship Committeby April 30, 2020
    either at: Maryb16.Cahill@gmail.com 


    mail your application to :  

    PO Box 221
    Manchester, NH 03105

    Follow the link to the application for the New Hampshire Rehabilitation Association: Application (PDF)





    If you want to offer a new scholarship this year through our Scholarship Program, please fill out the SCHOLARSHIP DONOR'S FORM.

    For questions or information regarding our program offering Scholarship opportunities to our seniors, please call the Merrimack High School Guidance office. 


    2019 GRADUATES:

    If you have been awarded a scholarship through the 2019 MHS Scholarship Program:

    Unless instructed otherwise, when you begin classes in the fall, bring a copy of your AWARD LETTER directly to the financial aid office where you pay your college tuition bills (retain the original for your records).


    Once you receive your second* semester tuition bill, mail the following information to the address on your AWARD LETTER to request the funds:

    1. The SCHOLARSHIP REQUEST FORM (pdf)  filled out with the proper information.
    2. A copy of the tuition bill.


    It is your responsibility to follow up with the sponsor for the payment of the scholarship to your college financial aid office.


    * refer to your Award Letter, some scholarships will request your first semester bill or have different instructions.