Evening Academy - Susan Ruggeri, Director

  • The Evening Academy is an opportunity for students to earn make-up credit towards graduation requirements. Students will receive .5 credits for a successfully completed class. Classes are offered for credit recovery. Students may not take classes they have previously passed. 


     All students must complete an application form and submit it to guidance for approval prior to admittance into the program.

    Students must commit to following the rules and policies of the Evening Academy prior to acceptance.

    • All classes will run in a hybrid mode.  We will meet once a week for 90 minutes for in-person instruction and assistance.  Students will also be expected to complete 90 minutes a week of independent work; however, assistance may still be requested remotely. Progress reports will be emailed to parents on a regular basis.
    • All classes are taught online through the PLATO Online Program with teacher assistance.
    • Cost is $150 per course.  Checks should be made out to the Merrimack School District. Financial assistance is available.  If needed, please send a request via email to MHS principal, Steven Claire.
    • Communication with students will be in person and through email using the student’s school email account and the PLATO messaging system. Students are encouraged to check regularly. Personal student email accounts should not be used.
    • Semester one will run from 9/20/22- 1/10/23
    • Semester two will run from 2/13/23 – 6/14/23

    Any questions should be directed to Susan Ruggeri, Evening Academy Director, at susan.ruggeri@sau26.org or to the student’s guidance counselor.

    To accommodate the needs of as many students as possible, we have moved math classes from Tuesdays to Mondays.  The class offerings are as follows:

    Monday classes

    • All math offerings
    • Science, Social Studies and Health

    Tuesday classes

    • All English offerings