MHS Vision of the Graduate

  • Merrimack High School 

    Vision of the Graduate 

    Merrimack High School students engage in authentic learning that prepares them with necessary life skills to become independent as individuals and active participants as citizens upon graduation. 

    Merrimack High School Graduates are Positive Community Members 

    Graduates are effective creative and critical thinkers.

    They feel empowered to be leaders, to care about their self-worth, others, and their local and global community. 

    This may be evidenced by being resilient, ethical, open-minded, confident, and flexible. 

    The Merrimack graduate will be future ready. 

    Graduates are driven to achieve their goals. The Merrimack graduate will take ownership of and responsibility for their choices and will continue to be self-directed, lifelong learners. 

    They have prepared for this by:

    • Participating in a dynamic curriculum that aligns to the State and National Standards. 
    • Developing executive functioning skills 
    • Becoming digitally and financially literate. 
    • Developing communication skills in areas of listening, speaking and writing.