Welcome to the Merrimack High School PTG Website! - Parents and Teachers Supporting Students

  • The purpose of the MHS-PTG is to support educational enrichment and a sense of community at Merrimack High School. By promoting active cooperation and collaboration between parents, students, staff, and the community at large, we seek to establish positive relationships between home, school, and community and serve as a forum to address issues of general interest and concern that affect Merrimack High School.


    All faculty, staff, and parents/guardians of students at MHS are members of the MHS-PTG and are welcome.


    The MHS Parent-Teacher Group forwards information from the MHS community to parents/guardians. This includes news from: Administration, teachers, athletics, theater, class specific news, robotics team, clubs and more. We do not have a schedule of sending emails, but we check the email inbox daily and forward it as we receive it. If you represent a MHS club/team/group and would like to get your information out, feel free to email us at the address below. We do confirm emails we send with the MHS main office.


    If you would like to receive emails from MHS PTG, just send us an email at: mhsptg@sau26.org


    We will add you to the list and confirm by email.


    Michele Moran and Chris Rohr