• COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY                                      


    Course #70713

     Half Year

    ½ Credit  

    Available to Grades 9-12


    This course will require students to revisit Microsoft Office features of each software application, by using advanced features of the integrated applications. Other 21st century computer and web-based technology will be explored, such as document production, storage and sharing, how to use social bookmarking, and various Web 2.0 Tools to explore including Google Apps, Class Blogmeister, Prezi, Photostory, Animato, Voki, Glogster, Voice Thread, and more.  Students will learn about the digital age of technology, working with images, sound, video, layout and design, and possibly animation (time permitting). Students will be able to apply the skills learned in the course in both school and at home using several free web-based and downloadable applications/programs introduced in the course.  Students will also learn about the importance of digital citizenship, Internet safety and the awareness and repercussions of cyber bullying.  This course fulfills the Information Computer Technology (ICT) requirement for graduation. This course is not weighted and will not be included in a student’s ranking GPA.