Course #70734                                                                   

    Half Year

    ½ Credit  

    Available to Grades 9-12


    Film Arts 1 will introduce students to Filmmaking,​ focusing on entry level elements of preproduction, production and postproduction. Instruction will focus on using digital cameras, phone cameras, iMac computers, and Apple editing software titles such as iMovie other editing software. Units of study will include camera operation, shot composition, storyboarding, and editing. Students will collaborate in small groups to create projects and learn techniques for working in front of and behind the camera. Students are required to produce films that will be shown to other students, and if selected, the annual film festival. Projects will include but are not limited to, interviews, commercials, animations, and music videos. This course fulfills the Information Computer Technology (ICT) or the Fine Arts requirement for graduation.  This course is not weighted and will not be included in a student’s ranking GPA.  


    Check out this video on Film Art Society