• DISCOVER WOODWORKING                                      


    Course #70715

    Half Year

    ½ Credit  

    Available to Grades 9-12


    This course is designed to give all students a wide variety of woodworking experiences through the making of several individual projects. Each student, by using woodworking tools, equipment, understanding materials, expressing creative design, and working in a welcoming classroom environment, will make meaningful projects of their own. Projects may include elements of pyrography (wood burning), painting, etching, carving, laser burning, CNC router, inlays/accents and other forms of embellishments. Further opportunities for students will be introduced in the area of lathe turning to include spindle turning techniques and, for the motivated student, bowl turning. Introduction to Woodworking foremost instructs students in safe working techniques and habits resulting in meaningful projects that will be enjoyed for decades. This course fulfills the Fine Arts requirement for graduation. This course is not weighted and will not be included in a student’s ranking GPA.