Course #20273                                                                  

    Full Year

    1 Credit  

    Advanced Placement

    Available to Grades 11-12

    This intensive college-level course provides an analytical and critical perspective on the concepts, methods, and ideas of government and politics in the United States.  The dual-focused approach involves both the historic and philosophical foundations of constitutional government, the creation of the Constitution, the organization of American Government, civil liberties and the gradual expansion of individual rights.  While students study general concepts used to interpret American politics, this course assumes familiarity with the various institutions, groups, beliefs, and ideas which form the American political system. Particular attention will be given to the American election process and modern political power. This course offers students the opportunity to analyze and interpret these institutions and perspectives of American government and form opinions and positions on various subjects, both current and from America history. Courses offered at the Advanced Placement level are rigorous and fast paced, but the nature of this course makes it an excellent choice for students interested in taking on this new challenge. This course requires a summer project.


    This course prepares students to take the AP Government and Politics exam in May. A strong exam score can be used for college credit at numerous colleges and universities. This varies from school to school, and students are advised to research requirements for individual colleges and universities.