Course #52552

    Full Year    

    1 Credit

    Available to Grades 11-12 


    This is an applied chemistry course for the first semester, which is an introduction to a conventional basic chemistry curriculum focusing on atomic structure, the properties of matter, and the periodic table, which is the source of the raw materials used in industrial chemistry after which the course will delve into industrial chemistry topics. The topics covered will be very laboratory based and will introduce basic laboratory techniques that a student may encounter in a post-graduate career as a chemical operator or laboratory technician. As such, each student will keep an ongoing record of their lab work in a laboratory notebook that will be maintained for the whole year by the student in a fashion that is often used in the industrial lab setting. In addition to the laboratory-based work, articles that highlight the popular and often controversial aspects related to industrial chemistry will be given and discussed on a regular basis. The students will also keep a journal to record their reflections on these topics. There is no algebraic math requirement although basic arithmetic skills are required.  Semester two topics (but are not limited to) organic chemistry, acids & bases, polymers, nanotechnology, and forensics. This course meets the Physical Science requirement for graduation.