Course #10176

    Full Year

    1 Credit


    Available to Grade 12


    Concentrating on British and other world literature, students in this course learn how to think critically, view perceptually, read analytically, and write and speak clearly. They develop the ability to evaluate texts by analyzing background, structure, technique, and theme. The class will serve as an introduction to some current college-level language arts theory. As well as honing their skills in the writing process, students will practice on-demand writing to assist them in test-taking. Close-reading practices will also focus many of the class activities; students will learn how rhetorical devices such as diction, syntax, point of view, imagery, and organization combine to create tone in a text.  Students will incorporate these elements in their own writing, using them consciously in a variety of modes, including personal essays which may be used in college applications. Participants will also complete a scholarly senior thesis independently and are expected to take the AP Literature and Composition examination. Students must type or word process all final drafts. This course requires a summer project.


    Note: Though Advanced Placement courses do not have prerequisites, this is a very demanding course, and it is therefore recommended that students who enroll have taken Advanced Placement Language and Composition.