Course #12163 (CM) , 10163 (RS)

    Half Year

    1/2 Credit

    Comprehensive/Running Start

    Available to Grades 11-12



    Philosophy students critically analyze questions of perennial interest. Typically, philosophical questions include ones like the following: Given skeptical arguments and natural fallibility, how is knowledge possible? Can we really know that other minds exist? What is the nature of the external world? If mental states are physical states, how is free will possible? If mental states are not physical states, how is free will possible? Is it okay to harm one person in order to prevent two other people from being harmed? What do we value more, knowledge, morality, or pleasure? Are moral claims objective facts or are they merely subjective opinions?


    Philosophers attempt to offer their best arguments to address these questions much like scientists offer their best hypotheses to develop theories of natural phenomena. Philosophy students will be assessed on their understanding of specific and often technical concepts and arguments, and they will write their own persuasive responses to questions and assertions in which they demonstrate their understanding of given material and ultimately attempt to build upon the philosophical debate. Additionally, students will examine philosophical aspects of various literary and film genres, and will contribute regularly to classroom discussions, seminars, and debates. This course aims to develop strong skills in reading, writing, presenting, and critical thinking.


    This course will also be offered to students at the "Running Start" level.  To earn 4 college credits from Nashua Community College, students are required to pay a small fee and will be subject to slightly higher expectations and requirements regarding student assessments.


    Prerequisite:  English 9 and 10