Course #92915 (CM) 92915H. (Honors)                                             

    Half Year

    ½ Credit 


    Available to Grades 9-12


    Digital technology and visual art have become inextricably intertwined thanks to the development of computer technology through the synergy of art, math, science and technology. The focus of this class is to learn aspects of the Adobe Creative Suite, in particular, Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign and to learn methods of art production using state of the art tools. This course fulfills the Information Computer Technology (ICT) or the Fine Arts requirement for graduation.


    Prerequisite: Introduction to Visual Arts (Basic Art)


    Optional Honors Level: Students will be required to spend significantly more time on the development of ideas, designs and learning the software tools. In addition, Honors students will participate in the creation and production of special assignments which could be related to school events: posters, flyers or info graphics.