Course #90969                                                                                                              

    Full Year

    1 Credit


    Open to Grades 11-12


    This is the highest level class offered in the Art department. It is recommended for seniors who have taken at least 2 art classes although the expectation is that the AP student has had a thorough visual art experience. In this yearlong course, students will assemble a portfolio of Drawing, Two- Dimensional Design or Three-Dimensional Design that will be reviewed by the AP College Board.  Students can receive college credit for portfolio scores of 4 and 5. Students will be expected to complete over twenty pieces of work that show a high level of expertise in design, technique and expression.  Summer project, outside research and homework are part of the course.  


    Note: Though Advanced Placement courses do not have prerequisites, this is a very demanding course, and it is therefore recommended that students who enroll have taken Introduction to Visual Arts (Basic Art) and at least 2 upper level art classes.