Course #92936 (CM) 92936H. (Honors)                                                              

    Half Year

    ½ Credit


    Available to Grades 10-12


    In this upper level Pottery class students will build upon their hand-building skills: pinch, coil, slab techniques and upon their throwing techniques to be able to create more sophisticated forms and take on more challenging projects. Casting techniques and other advanced methods in ceramics will be covered.  Students will select an area of concentration to be used as a means for developing expertise in a technique and as a means of self-expression.


    Prerequisite: Introduction to Visual Arts (Basic Art), Pottery


    Optional Honors Level: In addition to completion of all classroom projects, assessments and critiques, Honors students are expected to maintain a sketchbook and do a design research project related to the course discipline. It may include but is not limited to a written paper and visual project(s), based on specific artist, style, or concept. Honors students will be expected to be able to present their research project and sketchbook assignments to the class. Honor students will focus on their work for at least 3 hours a week outside of class time.