Course #60654

    Half Year

    ½ Credit

    Honors/ Dual Enrollment Honors

    Available to Grades 11-12


    Financial accounting establishes the rules and regulations for preparing accounting information used by both internal and predominantly external sources to help make business decisions and to evaluate the financial health of an organization. This course will develop your abilities to interpret financial information, to communicate financial information, and to understand the system that produces this information.  After completing this course, you will have a basic understanding of how business transactions are recorded in accounting records and how these records are summarized through the preparation of financial statements.  More importantly, you will learn to appreciate the need for accounting standards and how their end products -- financial statements -- are analyzed to assess the financial status of an organization.


    Prerequisite: Accounting 2 with a grade of C or better.


    Optional: This course is being offered as a Dual Enrollment course through Southern NH University.  Students will decide at the beginning of the semester to take the course as dual enrollment and pay a small fee.  Upon completion of the course, students will receive a SNHU transferable transcript indicating the grade received in the course.