Course #40450

    Full Year

    1 Credit


    Available to Grade 11


    Pre-AP Calculus is a course open to students who have demonstrated high academic achievement in previous Honors mathematics courses and who intend to enroll in Advanced Placement Calculus the following year. The content of the course emphasizes operations, graphic representations, and modeling aspects of a variety of functions encountered in calculus class. Students will be introduced to several calculus concepts, including limits and derivatives.  Through graphing and modeling, they will learn about the amplitude, period, phase shift, and vertical displacement of trigonometric functions. Additionally, they will use trigonometric ratios, Law of Sines, and Law of Cosines as they relate to oblique and right triangle trigonometry. Students in the course will also study the unit circle and apply it to solving trigonometric equations and proving identities. It is strongly suggested that each student have his/her own personal graphing calculator, preferably a TI-83+™.


    Prerequisite: Due to the rigorous nature and accelerated pace of this course, students must achieve a grade of 80% or better in Algebra 2 Honors to qualify for enrollment.