Course #40471

    Full Year

    1 Credit


    Available to Grade 12


     AP Calculus A is a course in differential calculus with emphasis on the techniques of differentiation and applications of the derivative. Topics include limits, derivatives of algebraic functions, graphing, maximum and minimum and related rates.  Some integration is discussed as the last part of the course.  AP Calculus B is a course concentrating on integral calculus. Topics included are the integration of algebraic functions, the differentiation and integration of trigonometric, exponential and logarithmic functions and applications of the definite integral.  These applications relate to finding areas and volumes and to motion problems. Additional integration techniques are discussed as time permits. This course is designed to provide the content necessary to take the Advanced Placement Calculus AB Exam, which students are expected to take. It is strongly suggested that each student have his/her own personal graphing calculator, preferably a TI-83+™ or a more advanced model.


    Prerequisite: Advanced Placement Pre-AP Calculus with a grade of 80% or better. Students who have not taken Pre-AP Calculus will be substantially behind their peers in this class, therefore ineligible to take this course.