Course #40457

    Full Year

    1 Credit


    Available to Grades 11-12


    Advanced Placement Statistics is a course designed to prepare students for the AP Statistics Exam. The course emphasizes the exploration and interpretation of univariate and bivariate data through graphical and numerical displays and summaries. This includes dot plots, stem plots, histograms and cumulative frequency plots. Data is analyzed using measures of central tendency, measuring spread and measuring position. Students will also learn how to plan a study by gathering appropriate information forming conjectures and interpretations of that information. Understanding basic probability theory and producing models using that theory are integral components of the course as well. Finally, students will confirm the validity of models through statistical inference by using confidence intervals and various tests of significance.


    Note: Though Advanced Placement courses do not have prerequisites, this is a very demanding course, and it is therefore recommended that students who enroll have earned a final grade of "C+" or better in Algebra 2 Honors, or "B" or better in Algebra 2.