Course #32373

    Full Year

    1 Credit


    Available to Grade 12


    This course follows the guidelines of the College Board® AP Spanish Language and Culture course and provides opportunities for students to demonstrate their proficiency in speaking, listening, reading and writing from the Intermediate to the Pre-Advanced range as defined in the learning objectives in the Curriculum Framework.  The AP Spanish Language and Culture course is conducted almost exclusively in Spanish.  The course is designed to introduce and review more advanced grammatical structures through authentic audio-visual, literary and non-fiction materials. 


    Central to the course is the overarching principle as stated in the Curriculum Framework:

    When communicating, students in the AP Spanish Language and Culture course demonstrate an understanding of the culture(s), incorporate interdisciplinary topics (connections), make comparisons between the native language and the target language and between cultures (comparisons), and use the target language in real life settings (communities). 


    Prerequisite: A final grade of "C" or better in Spanish 4 or an appropriate placement test.