All students must earn a minimum of 21 credits in order to graduate.



    4.0      English (9, 10, 11, 12)

    2.5      Social Studies

      • 1 Credit in United States History
      • ½ Credit in Civics and Government
      • ½ Credit in Economics
      • ½ Credit in World Studies, World History, Contemporary Issues

    3.0      Math

    2.0      Science

      • 1 Credit in Physical Science
      • 1 Credit in Life Science

    0.5      Health

    1.0      Physical Education

    0.5      Fine Art (Includes Art, Music, and some Technology Education classes)

    0.5      Information Computer Technology (ICT)

    7.0      Electives


    21.0    Total Credits


    Note:  Pursuant to NHDOE Ed 306.27 “Students shall engage in learning concerning competencies in English/Language Arts and mathematics for every year they are in high school until graduation, regardless if English/Language Arts or mathematics graduation competencies have been achieved.  Such engagement may occur through integration of these graduation competencies in courses focused on content areas other than English or mathematics as long as English or mathematics competencies are clear expectations of the course.”  Students should see their School Counselor for additional information.