Course # 72760

    Half Year

    1/2 Credit

    Available to grade 12


    This class is open to motivated seniors that have an enhanced interest serving as a teacher assistant in a specific Tech Ed discipline. Through this course students will have opportunities to intern with the instructor and develop their leadership skills. In addition to the teacher assistant position, this class affords a student the opportunity to explore the field with industry applicability utilizing supervising teacher expertise and networks. This course is not weighted and will not be included in a student’s ranking GPA.  


    Prerequisite: Students interested must be recommended by their teacher, complete an application and interview with the department head and supervising teacher prior to enrollment. Students who have demonstrated exemplary, responsible behavior throughout the school, as well as in the Technology Education setting, will be considered. Applicants should have a strong desire to work with their younger peers.  The application may be picked up from the department head.