Merrimack High School offers a standard diploma and a modified curriculum diploma.



    Standard Diploma


    A standard diploma will be issued to students who successfully complete 21 credits and meet the specific course requirements as delineated above.  Meeting such requirements may include individually determined modifications to instructional and assessment methods.


    Standard Diploma with Honors


    A standard diploma with honors will be issued to students who meet the above criteria and are in the top 15 percent of the graduating class as determined by the weighted grade point average (GPA).


    Modified Curriculum Diploma


    A modified curriculum diploma is available only to those students who are unable to fulfill the requirements for a standard diploma even with reasonable accommodations, modifications, and supports.  A student’s eligibility to pursue this option will be determined by his/her IEP team.  A modified curriculum diploma will be issued when the course performance expectations have been fundamentally and substantially modified and the student has:


    1. Completed a minimum of four years of high school.
    2. Met the requirements of his/her Individualized Education Plan (IEP) as determined by the IEP team.
    3. Or completed a program which was reviewed and approved by the Academic Review Council.